About Us

About Integrity Logic

With its headquarters in India, Integrity Logic Technology Solutions is a leader in enterprise asset management and is equipped with the global standard in Enterprise Asset Management software - IBM Maximo. Our goal is to help leaders from various industries to improve the performance of their organizations in a measurable way for the long run, by tackling their toughest challenges and issues.

We have a diverse team of Maximo experts. Human resources are structured at our organization in a way that ensures every employee is encouraged to learn & contribute to the improvement of our client's business without any hassle. Our company offers unparalleled growth opportunities to our employees, making it an outstanding place to work.


We are committed to being a leading provider of 360 Degree Enterprise Asset management, compliance, and administration services in India


At Integrity Logic Technology Solutions, we believe in increasing the value of existing assets and determining the right time for their replacement. Integrity Logic Technology Solutions provides extensive expertise in applying quality management, risk management, and reliability principles to a business’s framework and provides experienced consultants and methodologies to help them find the best ways to leverage their personnel, workflow, and technology for Maximo efficiency and effectiveness.