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An Integral Asset Management Solution Powered With IBM's Maximo

What We Offer

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Brief on IBM Maximo

Maximo's integrated platform allows users to connect to key operations and monitoring applications throughout the company.

This method does not only makes it easier to share data but also eliminates many barriers. It also enhances data sharing with an integrated user experience with comprehensive operational controls.

Maximo is characterized by its key features :
    • Utilize enterprise resource planning (ERP), mobility, add-ons, and industry models designed to meet your company's management needs
    • Improve your equipment's reliability by using Electronic monitoring, surveillance, and preventative inspection
    • Reduce your licensing costs
    • Developing multiple cloud infrastructures and their flexibility

Industries we serve

A manufacturer's physical assets are critical to delivering high-quality goods and services to customers, from vehicles to factories. For maximum production, to reduce maintenance costs, and to maximize reliability, these assets require regular upkeep and supervision. IBM Maximo in conjunction with Integrity Logic Asset Management services can help manufacturing companies optimize all aspects of their operations.


Integrity logic provides solutions to assist all levels of government agencies in their routine asset management activities. Our team of experts supports these organizations with solutions for managing their assets, inventories, and facility navigation over large geographic regions using Geographical Mapping technology.


For efficient, safe, and profitable operations, Integrity logic deploys asset management and regulatory compliance solutions. Through the Maximo integration for Oil & Gas industry solutions, we combine state-of-the-art technology with industry expertise for offshore, onshore, and midstream enterprises.


Integrity logic provides scheduled preventative maintenance in order to maintain the critical infrastructure of government bodies. Through digital infrastructure asset management, we monitor early warning signs of potential problems to extend the life of assets such as roads, bridges, and utility systems and help the government manage the resources smoothly.


By using Maximo in the transportation industry a business can manage various vehicles like - trucks, cars, buses, aircraft, ships, cargos, etc. Integrity logic with the integration of Maximo helps the lifespan of the asset, increases and manages the parts of the vehicle. It also reduces the extended asset life, improves inventory management, cuts down on road calls, and increases scheduled maintenance.